Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage Insurance (Part C/MA Plans)

Medicare Advantage Plans, also known as Part C or MA Plans, are another way to get Medicare coverage. If you sign up for a Medicare Advantage plan, you still have Medicare. However, instead of using original Medicare, you will receive Medicare Part A (Hospital Insurance) and Medicare Part B (Medical Insurance) coverage from a private company that Medicare approves. Medicare Advantage plans include Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO), or Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO).

Medicare Advantage plans may offer extra coverage for dental, vision, and hearing, or for other health and wellness programs. Most MA plans also include prescription drug coverage (Part D). A Medicare Advantage Plan becomes both your primary Medicare and secondary insurance in regards to provider billing. In addition to the Part B premium, there may be another monthly premium for Medicare Advantage plans. These plans are NOT guaranteed renewable and often change year to year. An agent must complete Centers for Medicare (CMS Training) every year because of all of the changing information, benefits, plans, and premiums.

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What Medicare Advantage Plans “Are”

Medicare Advantage plans “are” alternatives to Original Medicare.

What Medicare Advantage Plans Are NOT

Medicare Advantage plans “Are NOT” Medicare Supplements. A few of them work similarly to some Medicare Supplements, but most do not.

Senior Benefit Services’ agents are well versed in both Medicare Supplements and Medicare Advantage plans to help you figure out what’s best for your personal scenario. There are MANY factors to evaluate and you should keep in mind that no decision should be taken lightly.  Let one of our local agents be that trusted source for you!