About Us

Senior Benefit Services is a leader in providing plans designed for today’s retirees and those about to retire in Maryland and beyond. But more than that, we’re focused on understanding your needs and helping you find the right Medicare Supplemental or Medicare Advantage coverage at an exceptional value. We understand that buying insurance can be extremely confusing. Remember that our service does not end after you get your insurance coverage, since we offer our clients annual reviews to help guarantee that they always have the best coverage for them.

In addition to helping you make the correct Medicare decisions, we help our clients transition into “safe money” retirement plans to help guarantee that their life savings will be there when they need it most. From everything to helping you have a lifetime income, increasing your retirement savings, and wealth transfer plans, we can help you.

That’s why Senior Benefit Services is here … to make this easier … to help make sure you are protected when you need it most.