Time Is Of The Essence! How To Get The Best Medicare Supplement Rates For Ages 65 to 69

Are you looking for the Best Medicare Supplement Rates For Ages 65 to 69 

I’m guessing that you are in one of three Medicare Supplement related situations: 

  • 1
    You just signed up for Medicare and you are in your 6-month Medigap open enrollment period to decide between Medicare Supplement plans.
  • 2
    You are presently enrolled in Medicare Supplement Plan F (possibly N) and are thinking about moving to Supplement Plan G. 
  • 3
    You do not presently have Medigap coverage but have had Medicare coverage longer than 6 months thus exceeding the open enrollment period. 

Guess what, you are in luck, if I guessed your situation correctly, by the end of this article you will know what the best decision will be regarding Best Medicare Supplement Rates By Age 

Depending on which of the three situations you fall into, I will review the pitfalls you will need to watch out for and which plans will offer you the best Medicare Supplement rates for ages 65 to 69 

Best Medicare Supplement Rates For Age 65

Being age 65 or about to turn 65 usually is the best situation to be in for the best rates on Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans.  

Typically, the best Medigap insurance rates are given to 65-year old, male and female non-tobacco users during their six-month Medigap open enrollment period.  

This makes sense because during the Medigap insurance open enrollment periodthere is no underwriting.  

Regardless of ANY preexisting health condition or even medications that usually result in immediate decline of a MedSup policy, you cannot be denied coverage. 

In fact, you won’t even have to see a doctor to qualify for the Medicare Supplement Plan that you choose.  

 To get the best Medigap rates for age 65, simply enroll during the Medicare Supplement open enrollment period.  

The biggest concern is probably the fact that if you are 65 you are probably going on to Medicare (for the first time) which means you can get a supplement without evidence of insurability. (no health questions asked). It is a guarantee type of situation.

Andy Thomas 

Senior Insurance Advisor 

Senior Benefit Services, Inc.  

Best Medicare Supplement Rates For Age 66 

If you have just enrolled in Medicare and are in your Medicare Supplement open enrollment period, you will get the best Medigap insurance rates.  

If you are already enrolled in a Medigap plan and are looking to change plans, there are a few key factors to consider.  

Factors such as:

  • Are you male or female?  
  • Are you a tobacco user?  
  • Are you generally healthy? 

If so, changing plans should be fairly easy 

However, you will still have to go through underwriting and provide your medical history.  

Some preexisting conditions may not be covered for a set time, usually six months to 1 year.  

Reviewing your Medicare gap insurance annually can result in getting the best rates for age 66. 

Best Medicare Supplement Rates For Age 67 

Assuming you are outside the Medigap open enrollment period, you will have a few things to consider.  

If you have any preexisting health conditions, depending on the condition, your premium rates will be higher than a healthier person.  

Some preexisting health conditions can even result in you being denied coverage.  

For instance, if you have had cancer within the last two years, it will be difficult to find a Medicare gap insurance carrier that will issue you coverage.  

Speak with a Medigap policy expert to review your premiums and keep them at the best rates for age 67.  

Sample Medicare Supplement Rates: Male - Non-Tobacco - Living in Hagerstown, Maryland





AGE 65




AGE 66




AGE 67




AGE 68




AGE 69




Best Medicare Supplement Rates For Age 68

Medigap plans cost is largely determined by your overall health when you are outside the open enrollment period.   

To get the best Medigap rates, in addition to your health, other factors such as whether you are male or female, non-tobacco user or a smoker, marital status and your age can affect your Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans rates.  

If you have a health condition, the number of medications you presently take, can determine if you will be denied coverage.  

Such as with COPD.  

If you are age 68 and have COPD but take three or less medications, there is a high likelihood that you will qualify for Medigap insurance.  

However, if you take four or more medications for COPD, including inhalers, you may be denied coverage to a new Medicare Supplement Ins Plan, outside of open enrollment. 

If you are already in a Medicare Supplement plan with COPD, you may have to stay in the plan until your health changes. 

Sample Medicare Supplement Rates: Female - Non-Tobacco - Living in Hagerstown, Maryland





AGE 65




AGE 66




AGE 67




AGE 68




AGE 69




Best Medicare Supplement Rates For Age 69

Are you currently enrolled in a Medicare Gap Insurance and looking to change plans? 

Or, maybe looking for a new Medigap policy outside the Medigap open enrollment period? 

In either case, in the eyes of the insurance carrier, you are the same.  

There is only one Medicare Supplement Insurance open enrollment period and once outside of that six months, you must go through underwriting to change plans or get a new Medigap policy.  

Anytime you go through underwriting for health insurance whether you are male or female, smoker or non-tobacco user, your overall health is the number one determining factor on whether you will get the best Medicare Supplement rates for age 69. 

Taking Action!

Senior Benefit Services will be able to help guide you through choosing a Medicare Supplement Plan.  

There are many factors that determine the Best Medicare Supplement Rates For Ages 65 to 69. 

The Experts at Senior Benefit Services have been specializing in helping seniors make the best Medigap insurance choices for over 50 years!  

Call now at 1-800-924-4727 or fill out the easy and convenient ‘Start Free Comparison’ form in this article

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