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As advisors specializing in the senior insurance market our advisors help retirees and their families make informed decisions regarding healthcare coverage. With the shifting political landscape, rising Medicare costs along with plan changes, and uncertainty about a constantly evolving healthcare system, retirees need expert advice more now than ever.

Our advice doesn’t end with healthcare. We analyze the most important elements of our client’s financial affairs, from senior insurance coverage options to income planning, from asset protection to wealth transfer, along with tax minimization strategies. Whether a client is considering retirement, or already there, our purpose is to exceed your expectations allowing you to confidently carry on building your life and legacy.


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Leadership Team
David Kurtz David Jones
Ops Center Staff


Jessica Burtner Kristen Coover Crystal Embly
Eran Haupt Melanie McClanathan Amanda Mellott
Juliane Morey
Office Administrators
Barb Plovock

Leadership Team

David Kurtz


David is a 3rd generation insurance professional who began working for his father at age 14 filing Medicare claims. Before entering the insurance industry full time David served in the United States Marine Corps and graduated from Winthrop University. For nearly three decades he has been driven by the principal of making sure our clients are provided a level of service that is second to none.

He has served on numerous advisory boards for insurance companies and has been instrumental in the development of several insurance plans that are now sold nationwide. While not spending time working, he enjoys spending time with his wife Priya who has been by his side for over 27 years and his two children.


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David Jones

Vice President

Prior to joining Senior Benefit Services, Inc. David worked with hundreds of clients, from medical offices to legal practices to industrial companies, helping them navigate their company retirement plans with expertise in helping clients build 401(k) plans that balanced the changing demands of the business and regulatory environment with employee needs.

David is a graduate of Elon University (NC) and holds Series 7, 63 and 66, and life and health insurance licenses.

He is a lifelong sports enthusiast with a passion for soccer. He serves as the President and Executive Director for Liverpool FC International Academy Western Maryland, where he oversees the day to day operations of the soccer club, reporting directly to the Liverpool FC Academy in England. When he is not in the office or on the soccer field, he enjoys spending time with his two boys Abe and Max. He also serves his high school alma mater, St. Maria Goretti, sitting on Athletic Hall of Fame Committee.

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Ops Center Staff


Jessica Burtner

Favorite Quote: “The future depends on what you do today.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

What is something within the healthcare industry you want to fix? Understanding plan benefits and applying for insurance can be extremely confusing. I make it a priority of mine to help clarify and simplify the entire application process for all of our agents so that they are confident in doing the same for their clients.

What do you do at Senior Benefit Services? I work in our New Business department as a contact for agents and brokers. Our department assists with the application completion process, qualification questions, benefits explanations, etc. My goal is to make sure everyone we interact with has a great experience and feels comfortable reaching out to us whenever necessary.

What do you like about working at Senior Benefit Services, Inc.? There is a great sense of community at Senior Benefit Services and all of our departments work together seamlessly. We have a great time working together, while being extremely efficient. I continue to learn something new just about every single day and truly appreciate that opportunity.

What’s your background? I have been with our company since 2012. Prior to working with Senior Benefit Services, I worked with seniors and developmentally disabled individuals, which instilled me with both a great sense of empathy and compassion.

What values drive you? Integrity and kindness are most important to me. I treat everyone the way I would like to be treated and always try to go the extra mile when possible.

What activities do you enjoy doing when not at work? In my spare time I love spending time with my fiancé and our pets. I also really enjoy traveling (specifically to tropical destinations), reading of any kind, running, and most outdoor activities.

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Kristen Coover

Favorite quote: “If you are unwilling to learn no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.” – Unknown

What do you do at Senior Benefit Services? I work as a liaison between the insurance carriers and our advisors to resolve commission questions/concerns. My primary responsibility is to reconcile commission statements and payments ensuring that our advisors and brokers are compensated in a timely manner.

What do you like about working at Senior Benefit Services, Inc.? I enjoy the sense of family in our office. We all work together to help and support each other.

What’s your background? I grew up in Chambersburg, PA. I started working at in the hospitality industry, eventually working my way into accounting departments. I have always enjoyed working with numbers and solving any financial challenges that business face.

What values drive you? My family inspires me to do more. I want them to continue to grow and develop throughout their adult lives; stressing to them that helping out others is life’s greatest reward.

What activities do you enjoy doing when not at work? In my free time I enjoy sitting on my deck and reading a good book.

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Crystal Embly

What is something within the healthcare industry you want to fix? Contacting insurance carriers for even the most basic inquiries can be time consuming and frustrating. I understand that an agent’s time is valuable and take the burden off the agent by utilizing the relationships I have built with our insurance carriers. We take pride in the fact that our agents will always get a live person on the phone and receive email responses promptly.

What do you do at Senior Benefit Services? I am a contracting and licensing specialist. My primary responsibility is to maintain all state licenses for our agency, staff, and career division. I give the agents my undivided attention and provide the best service possible, striving to make each feel as though they are the most important person to us.

What do you like about working at Senior Benefit Services, Inc.? Senior Benefit Services is a good company to work. The company takes care of their employees and the atmosphere is relaxed.

What values drive you? Responsible business, care for human beings, freedom of expression, and all things that lead to a happy life.

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Eran Haupt

Favorite quote: “Whenever I’m about to do something, I think, ‘Would an idiot do that?’ and if they would, I do not do that thing.” — Dwight Schrute, “The Office”

What is something within the healthcare industry you want to fix? There is an overwhelming amount of information in our industry and almost just as much misinformation. All of this creates a ton of confusion for agents and clients alike! With everything we create we try and give our audience the info they need in a way that is accurate, helpful, concise, and easy to understand.

What do you do at Senior Benefit Services? I work in the Marketing Department where I wear a ton of different hats: website designer, video editor, graphic designer, trainer, and spreadsheet maker to name a few. Most of my work is done behind the scenes with only the end result being visible. This allows me to make a giant mess as I build things and then make sure everything is cleaned up and in good order when the curtain is opened. For example, you are reading these bios, on a page I built and posted online – thankfully, you’re seeing the finished product!

What do you like about working at Senior Benefit Services, Inc.? Senior Benefit Services is not some enormous corporation where you show up every day and have no idea who else you are working with. The work you do (or don’t do) isn’t hidden and can be seen and felt by everyone else you’re working alongside. Thankfully, Senior Benefit Services is made up of a group of dedicated individuals that strive to make themselves and the company they work for a better place for each other and the clients we serve.

What’s your background? I grew up less than two miles away from our Corporate Headquarters in Hagerstown, in a house my parents still live in. I attended Shippensburg University (PA) where I studied Marketing and General Management. After college I returned home and worked in retail management before transitioning to an advertising sales position with a local television station.

What values drive you? Dedication and hard work go into everything I do. At the end of the day everything I’ve done has my name on it. From a very young age I was taught to always be proud of the work you’ve done, and to never be ashamed to have your name attached to something. .

What activities do you enjoy doing when not at work? My wife and I have a daughter and son that keep us very busy and very entertained! When I’m not reading books with my daughter or playing dinosaurs with my son you’ll find me listening to music, enjoying delicious food and drinks, playing with technology, or unplugging to spend time outdoors.

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Melanie McClanathan

Favorite quote:  “There are going to be times where you will have bad days, bad weeks, and even sometimes bad months – but remember rainbows always come after the darkest storm” – Demi Lovato

What is something within the healthcare industry you want to fix?  I would love to be able to fix the customer service issues at some of the carriers we deal with. Sometimes it can be very difficult to get the answers and help that is needed. I navigate this by being persistent, asking follow-up questions, and communicating with the agents and clients regarding the outcome.

What do you do at Senior Benefit Services?  I am the Office Manager for all three of our retail locations (Hagerstown, Cumberland, and Thurmont) making sure that the offices are running smoothly and efficiently. One of the most important aspects of my job is to ensure the staff are happy and well-trained so they can provide the best client and agent support possible.

What do you like about working at Senior Benefit Services, Inc.?  I love the family atmosphere at Senior Benefit Services, that is probably the best thing. I like that everyday has its routines, but challenges as well helping keep each day fresh and rewarding.

What’s your background?  I grew-up and currently live in Greencastle, PA. Before working for Senior Benefit Services, I was in college studying to become a RN while working in retail. I have always enjoyed paperwork (there’s a lot of it in insurance!) and helping people.

What values drive you? Perseverance and determination: I overcame a lot of obstacles in high school which taught me to be resilient. Enthusiasm and being optimistic: I always look for and hope for the best in people. Hardworking: If I am not striving to do my best and not putting forth my best effort I don’t feel like I was successful.

What activities do you enjoy doing when not at work?  When not in the office, I can be found sitting at the ice rink for my daughter’s hockey practice or my husband’s game. Ice hockey is a family activity and passion for us, especially catching a Hershey Bears or Pittsburgh Penguins game. Outside of hockey I enjoy taking dance classes (ballet, jazz, and tap), reading, being active outside, and baking.


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Amanda Mellott

Favorite quote: “In a world where you can be anything, be kind.” -Unknown

What is something within the healthcare industry you want to fix? Retirement should be something you look forward to, not something you should dread because of the overwhelming thought of Medicare and medication costs. I work hard to create a comforting atmosphere where seniors have a better understanding of their healthcare coverage.

What do you do at Senior Benefit Services? As a New Business Specialist, I make sure all applications are submitted so they can be approved quickly; monitoring applications through the underwriting process to provide a smooth and quick approval time.

What do you like about working at Senior Benefit Services, Inc.? I enjoy giving the agents and our clients the confidence of knowing their applications will be processed quickly and as accurately as possible. Working at Senior Benefit Services, Inc. has allowed me to become happier and more confident knowing that I get to help others each day. The atmosphere is very friendly and family oriented and I really enjoy the laughs, and welcoming atmosphere shared with my co-workers.

What’s your background? I grew up in Clear Spring, MD, a small town where everyone knew everyone and everything. Many of my childhood friends are still a part of my life today. My favorite food is of course crabs! Prior to Senior Benefit Services I worked for an independent Northwestern Mutual agent. I have a B.A. in Office Management and hold the Life and Health and Series 6 Licenses.

What values drive you? I value kindness and respect more than anything else. Being kind has always been important to me because you never know what others are going through. Respecting others as well as yourself is something I work hard to instill in my children.

What activities do you enjoy doing when not at work? I enjoy reading, exercising, daily morning walks/runs and spending time with my family. We have 3 children that keep us busy. I enjoy volunteering at our church and supporting my kids in their sport activities. In the summer months, I love the beach, watermelon, and a good book. In the winter, I love binging Netflix, pumpkin spice everything, and of course Penn State and Steelers football!

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Juliane Morey

Favorite quote: “Remember when Tom Brady lost to a backup quarterback? That was awesome.” – Super Bowl LII

What is something within the healthcare industry you want to fix? I think there are a lot of Field Marketing Organizations (FMO) out there that thrive on deceiving agents with misinformation for the sole purpose of locking that agent into a contract. I believe FMOs should be designed to help the agent succeed in the insurance market by finding the best products for their portfolio and guiding them to improve their business. Because at the end of the day, if our agents don’t succeed then we don’t succeed.

What do you do at Senior Benefit Services? I work in the Marketing Department where I have designated myself the “Queen of Marketing.” Don’t judge me, I deserve it. My job entails, learning and researching about all supplemental Medicare products we offer, working with the independent brokers, recruiting for new brokers, analyzing the growth of our Marketing division, creating and developing new marketing content (for career agents and independent brokers), and also being responsible for any interns that work with us. Its many hats, but I wear the crown.

What do you like about working at Senior Benefit Services, Inc.? I like that I get to create and develop new marketing content that engages our agents (both career and independent) with product knowledge, plus general information that can help them succeeded in their business.

What’s your background? I grew up in a small town in South Central PA and went to an even smaller town to graduate from Lebanon Valley College with a degree in business and a minor in music. Yes, I can sing. Show me a karaoke bar and I’ll show you the greatest performance of Madonna’s Borderline you’ve ever seen!

What values drive you? I truly want to help people! I always appreciate when people go out of their way to help me in any situation, so I like to return the favor with the brokers and the people I work with.

What activities do you enjoy doing when not at work? In my free time I love running (it’s on purpose, I’m not being chased!), taking care of the 50,000 plants in my house, playing with my two cats (who hate playing with me), watching the Philadelphia Eagles (E-A-G-L-E-S, Eagles!), and enjoying every episode of Real Housewives ever produced by my hero, Andy Cohen. It’s really the simple things…

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Office Administrators


Barb Plovock

Favorite quote: “Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.” Albert Einstein

What is something within the healthcare industry you want to fix? I would like to see the process of transitioning from the workforce and into retirement simplified. The rising cost of prescription medications is also an issue that I’m happy to see is starting to be addressed at the federal level.

What do you do at Senior Benefit Services? I am the Administrative Assistant for our Thurmont, MD office. My responsibilities include scheduling appointments for prospective and existing clients, supporting our office’s advisors, and answering any questions our client’s may have related to their insurance needs. I maintain a positive attitude, so each client feels as though they have had a comfortable and satisfactory experience.

What do you like about working at Senior Benefit Services, Inc.? I enjoy working with people and so my role at Senior Benefit Services is a perfect fit. The opportunity to help simplify our clients lives as they transition from the workforce to retirement is very satisfying to me.

What’s your background? I grew up in a small Southwestern Pennsylvania coal mining town relocating to the suburbs of Washington D.C. in the mid-1980’s. While there I worked in hospitality for the Marriott Corporation. In the late 1990’s I moved to South Central Pennsylvania to raise a child working in the local school district as an administrative assistant. I joined Senior Benefit Services in 2013.

What values drive you? Hard work and integrity are very important to me. Almost every situation in life is a “you reap what you sow” opportunity and I try very hard to find success in everything that I do.

What activities do you enjoy doing when not at work? I enjoy being outdoors hiking and powerwalking. My daughter lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where enjoy visiting with her family. We also enjoy vacations at the beach.

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